The Best Halloween Makeup Hacks

The Best Halloween Makeup Hacks

Good makeup is key to nearly every best Halloween costume we have ever seen. Make 2022 your best Halloween year yet by using these awesome makeup ideas to help you achieve the perfect look.

Start the process by first deciding which character you want to be? Is it your favourite character from the vampire series that you have been binge-watching for so long and now finally have the chance to dress up as or stick to the same old zombie look that you can easily create within a set time. Whatever your choice is, remember it’s not about just going with the standard look; there are many ways you can add your personal touch to the character so that it can become the life of the party.

Then think about the accessories that you already have that can go along with the costume. Maybe you have your Grandma’s old necklace that you can wear to enhance the look of your black dress that you have specially bought for the event. There might be some cute earrings or rings that you bought for Halloween with your best friend and forgot to put on at your last party. Spending the time to find these things will help you to think about the tiny details that can really make a big difference.

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The next most important step is makeup. Leaving makeup to the last minute might be tempting if you are not a makeup lover, but remember that it has the potential to transform you into your most beloved science fiction character. Hence, having the right plan can be game-changing. You can go for a simpler look and add some spookiness with sclera contact lenses to add that depth to your eyes. As they say, even ghosts have feelings, so we need to stay true to it. There are also some amazing Halloween contact lenses in Australia that range from dark to light shades that you can play with to breathe some life into your character.  

If you are one of those people who just do not like putting a lot of products on their skin, then you can also go for a mask. Use all your creativity to make that mask look real and ensure that it has the right amount of spookiness. Please remember masks can be a good alternative, but some people do find them very creepy. You definitely don’t want your friends to be running off.

Since we are not all makeup artists, here are some seriously amazing yet totally doable ways to do your own makeup for this Halloween. Most of these Halloween ideas utilise makeup that you already have, so they are also really cheap. When you use a few of these makeup hacks, you may just be turning your body into an artistic, walking craft project this Halloween.

You just might also surprise yourself with a killer make-up look that you can pull off using everyday products such as toilet paper, eyelash glue, red lipstick and leftover materials. In fact, there are tons of incredible looks that you can recreate without ever setting foot into a Halloween store or costume shop. With your cosmetics bag filled with your basic makeup essentials, you can celebrate the season anywhere you are in the world and still look on-trend.

Depending on whether you want to keep it all simple or want to go all in, choose the base that best suits the theme, then layer on the makeup, blending it in until you are happy with it. With make-up-only costumes, you can really get wild with the makeup and just go as crazy as you want. The Makeup-Only Costume is easy to recreate using the coloured eyeshadows that you already have in your collection, along with a little bit of pink lipstick, a golden highlighter, and some facial jewellery.

The great part of this makeup effect is that the face is the costume, and you can pair any kind of outfit with that Halloween show-stopper makeup to perfect the look. Please remember it is important to practice how you’ll work with your makeup products that day, whether you’ll be using paints or glitters for more impact. 

It is quite similar to the way you do drawing on paper or a doll. You need to grab that dark, matte makeup pencil or that brush of Halloween face paint and highlight the features on your face, your jawline, eyebrows, etc. Then, you can use liquid eyeliner or face paint to add a few dot-like spots throughout. If you are drawing a gory sort of character, you are bound to include a little bit of fake blood into your costumes. Often, the face is the perfect canvas for doing so, and you can make the fake blood on the face appear authentic by creating a wound with your makeup. 

In a nutshell, changing into a totally different character or creature is going to require some face painting and makeup, and if this is not your skill set, then you would have to make some smart choices. Don’t forget – Halloween is the only time of the year when you can get crazy, wild, and never seen before makeup looks done; therefore, enjoy the process and see where it takes you.

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