Why You Need A Dining Table

Why You Need A Dining Table

If you have found that your kitchen dining table has become more of a place for dropping off mail and keys than a place to sit down to eat meals. Then you might be ready to bid farewell to your dining table forever and look for more furniture and homewares online.

Fifty-one per cent of British people admit that they do not eat regularly at their table because of their hectic schedules, but sitting down at your table regularly can be one aspect of your hectic day you really do control. 

A recent Furniture Village survey of eating habits shows that, although eating habits change over the years, more than half of British people (58%) still think that eating meals with family and friends at the table is important.

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Even on TV and film, families or groups sitting together at a table are an important, intimate setting. So, instead of spending hours staring at the screen in a living room, the members of the family get to enjoy the beautiful moments of conversation over dinner in the dining room.

The dining area allows for shared warmth from the family room fireplace – it is a place where you would buy dining tables for. When there is an overflow of people in the family room, the dining area provides extra elbow room. 

By including the entire room as one shared kitchen area to cook and eat, you actually can make it feel larger, while also providing room for more communal tables.

If you get a room off for the kitchen table, having a separate dining area off of the kitchen is better. So, it makes sense you would want a kitchen table if you had an island.

Dining tables take up space, too, and if you do not have a dining room but plenty of room in the kitchen, this can be an issue. Dining tables and kitchen islands are also additional surface area, valuable for other activities, not only cooking, but daily activities such as working from home or even family game nights.

When you are tight on space or on a tight budget, some folks may find kitchen islands and dining tables serve a similar function. We get why kitchen islands are a popular choice, but there are plenty of dining tables out there that are equally convenient and attractive, so we will still have to do some thinking when it comes to figuring out which will make a better addition to your home. 

While an island might seem to be the better choice when it comes to the duties in the kitchen, there is nothing that says that a dining table is not equally — or even more — convenient thanks to the larger counter area and the ability to enjoy some much-deserved sitting down time as you keep working.

Yet as the popularity of smaller-footprint living grows, dining rooms are increasingly being left out of design plans, with kitchens and living spaces becoming one. 

Some home designers are including only a single dining area in homes they are designing. The open-plan trend has also meant many are opting for kitchen islands/breakfast bars for eating instead of a formal table and chairs.

Traditionally, having a dining table, ideally one that has its own space/room, has been a hallmark of good homes. 

A dining table in the house is used to host family meals. The remaining purpose of the traditional dining room is a space for hosting big, rare family & friends gatherings, usually around holidays. The dining room is one of the most important rooms of a home; it is a room where there is no technology, and families gather together for meals and catch-ups on the days gone by.

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