Spring Makeup Trends 2022

Spring Makeup Trends 2022

If you are a makeup addict looking for a little springtime makeup inspiration, then you are in the right place. The weather has started to warm up, and we can all go out and enjoy the sun. As we move into the new season, we also have to keep our eyes open for a more natural, summer-ready look.

When dressing up for warmer weather, it is always good to go for some colours. Consider rearranging your wardrobe to see which clothes have become outdated and the ones you can pair with some other accessories to create a new look.

To lift up your fashion game, try to experiment with some lighter colours and a darker foundation shade to add a sun-kissed effect. The soft glittery eye will look great on it. For the dual-toned look, go with the classic winged eyeliner, and extend your lining past the inner corners to get that cat-eye effect.

To go one step further, try to find coloured contact lenses that look more natural on your skin and complement your outfit. Don’t forget – It is easier to stick to the tried and tested ways by going for the same style and makeup products that you’ve been using for ages. Our advice is to try different styles at least once. For instance, if you’ve never worn a skirt, give it a go or wear Halloween contact lenses at the next party to surprise your friends by showing the fun side of your personality. It’s your time to shine.

Halloween Contact Lenses

Then, for the lips, apply a lip liner first to get a bolder colour, or once your lipstick is applied to get a lighter shade -either way, a lip liner can help your pout pop. You can also do the contouring under the lips to make the lips appear fuller. Bright lips do more than just make your lips pop; they instantly make you look more confident as well. Plump, juicy lips are this season’s go-to look when not wearing masks.

As the restrictions on wearing a mask are lifted, fuller lip looks are making a comeback in big ways. Cheeks, eyes, and lips are taking on luminous, colourful styles this season, and with amazing makeup tips, you can easily include the refined fun of the spring makeup trends into everyday looks or special occasions. From fire engine red lips to glowing skin and bright, graphic eyeliner, the season has a trend (or two) for everyone.

The weather outside may still be scary, but Spring 2022 beauty trends are already coming hot – giving us something to look forward to once temperatures rise again. Take this chance to revisit the hair and makeup trends that have been marking runways for Spring-Summer 2022. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for major beauty inspirations.

Eye-catching jewellery and glitter are all the rage. You do not need to shy away from gorgeous shimmers and metallic looks. While some trends in Spring beauty are perennial, spring 2022 seems especially primed for showing off shiny, natural-looking skin.  

Always remember that it is all about welcoming fresh starts, brighter days, and trying out different colours and makeup products that you might not ordinarily consider. Monochrome, colour-coordinated looks are having a moment in fashion and now in beauty. As the Y2K revival continues, people are picking up Y2K-inspired beauty trends as well, such as shades of pale blue, silver, and white for eyes. While these trends may sound juxtaposed, it makes sense: Fresh-looking skin could help balance out an intricately playfully painted eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, or lips.

Moreover, the dark lip-liner trend from the 1990s has made its way back around and is poised to become the big statement look. Whether you go for nude lips (which some celeb makeup artists say will never go out of style) or want something with a little extra colour, succulent, moist, glass-like lips, this is your time to let the magic happen.

All in all, even if you are a person who likes to stick to the basics, Spring is a great time to try out different styles, play with more colours and practice makeup looks that help you be the best version of yourselves.

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