The Different Types Of Sofas

The Different Types Of Sofas

Sectional/modular couches are yet another kind of couch, or perhaps, it is the combination of pieces of couches that are assembled to form an ideal seating arrangement in your living room. 

Modular and Sectional are both types of sofas assembled via connecting pieces, which is why it is easy to mistake a Tuxedo Sofa for one, but this is where their similarities end. The primary difference between them is that sectionals are typically rigid, while modular sofas provide a lot more flexibility.

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Chesterfield-style sofas feature low, deep seats, usually with deep-set buttons. Wingback sofas are paired well with wingback chairs because of their similar styles. The curvature of rollback couches makes them a good choice for placement far away from walls.

The sloped-arm design gives a more open feel to the couch compared to those that feature taller arms. 

The line from the back runs straight through the arms on the side of the couch. Unlike most couches, the back does not extend all the way across the width of the couch.

Modern couches and sofas can be distinguished by their design of the backrest and arms. Most types of couches and sofas that we have previously described fall within the boundaries of these styles of couch arms. You can find these styles of couches in the form of reclining couches, etc.

This kind of couch is typically part of a modular or sectional sofa, though you can also find these as standalone pieces. 

These couches typically feature cushioned backs and seats, either removable or fixed, with thicker padding for added comfort. Typically, an English rolling-arm couch will feature a deeper seat, pronounced legs, sometimes with wheels, sloped arms, and tighter backs.

The English roll arm couch is known for having low arms with high backs, but there are many other characteristics that can be used to help you recognize the style.

Sometimes called a club couch, the English roll arm couch is often touted as the forever style, meaning some interior designers believe that it has and will always continue to be effective, never going out of fashion.

Since it was introduced, the English Roll Arm Sofa, also called the Club Sofa, has been a popular choice around the world. Although not the most popular style of sofa, the Chesterfield is one that is still made by some manufacturers.

Due to its modern mid-century and contemporary styling, it is still well-suited for homes today. This kind of couch comes in a lot of different variations these days, and it works equally well in a contemporary room. 

This quirky couch set for the lounge comes with padded arms and a stretched out footrest for a good stretch on the legs too.

This can be placed in a group of other types of couches including classic round-arm and Chesterfield couches. Multiple types of sofa sets need to fit in with the rest of your furniture and the contemporary room design. 

The most popular couch styles are the sectional – homeowners can assemble them in many ways – dual-purpose sofas, love seats, traditional 3-seater couches, and one-piece, longue couches. 

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